Colin Kiama


Pomodoro Timer UWP

A program with a timer showing the current time left in minutes and seconds.

A pomodoro timer app with features like "always-on-top" mode, background support and the ability to customise your each interval and how many sessions you'll have.

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A program allowing the user to type in it, with a circular timer going down.

A Windows 10 Application for times when your ideas aren't coming together/you need to focus.

Start a session where you have to keep typing within a regular interval or risk all your work fading away right in front of you then save your work at the end.

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Audio Trimmer

A program allowing the user to select parts of audio to keep with trimming controls

A Windows 10 Application that gives users a simple, seamless way to trim audio files.

The app takes care of copying metadata and supporting file formats so all the user has to worry about is keeping the parts of an audio file that they want!

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Colin Kiama (Website)

A website with an image of someone smiling above a paragraphs highlighting programming abilities

The website you are using right now! It's a responsive site made with HTML and CSS.

Clicking on "See more" will take you to the website's gitlab repository.

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